With our societies emphasis on material gain and profit at any cost, more and more people are hungering for something more meaningful in thier lives.  The inner journey has become the focus for those who are peeling away the layers of external programming to find the authentic self.

My journey began way back in 1978 when I nearly died of anorexia nervosa, a disease that is killing more and more young women today due to societal pressures to conform to a particular ideal.

I began therapy a few years later when I was in the grasps of bulimia, an equally destructive eating disorder.

Since the time I began therapy my life has been a constant peeling away in search of the true self.  Where most of my family stayed steady in their path, I was forever changing, growing, dying and being reborn.  My life on the outside appeared anything but stable, yet  within I was cultivating a garden that was not yet visible to the human eye.

Although the topic of Spiritual Growth is becoming more popular, the victories often go unnoticed, even by ourselves.  That is because we don’t really have a measuring stick for personal growth.  Our society places emphasis on career growth and achievement and on financial achievement but we don’t give a lot of credit to our unfolding as a human being.

This is why I have chosen to focus on this topic.  It is one I know well and one I have walked my entire adult life.  I have seen the darkness and the triumphs.  I have celebrated new levels of awareness and I have cried tears of grief and loss.   I have counseled others and helped them on their inner journey.

Now my calling is to reach out in a bigger way and share the information I have gathered over the years and information I am learning about right now.  I hope you will join me in this venture and share your own ideas and experiences.